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Call Center Customer Service Representative

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This job-specific behaviorally based assessment evaluates candidates’ ability to Communication and Interaction, Phone Etiquette… Read More

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Job Description

A Call Center Customer Service Representative is a frontline professional responsible for providing exceptional customer service and support to callers in a call center environment… Read More

Discover the Precise Measure of our SelectRight™ Call Center Assessment

Being a top-performing Call Center Service Representative goes beyond skill and craft knowledge; it involves surpassing average behavioral expectations. The SelectRight™ assessment evaluates candidates across a broad spectrum, considering the 30% skill component and the crucial 70% human factor behaviors defining the job.

This scientifically valid methodology identifies 100+ key high-performance job behaviors, forming the basis of the Job Success Profile™. Through a comprehensive questionnaire, applicants can assess their alignment with the known high-performance behaviors of top performers.

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Review a Few Examples of Critical Key High-Performance Behaviors
and the potential job outcomes associated with having or lacking these critical behaviors for success.

Scheig’s SelectRight™ Assessments

3 Sections that Together Work Powerfully to Identify Top Talent

The SelectRight assessment is designed to be used in a pre-employment setting and to identify candidates from with your applicant pool who have the greatest probability of successfully performing the job.

We created this section, in part, because many applicants have little or no idea before employment about the full range of behaviors expected of them should they be hired. The Interest & Willingness section gives applicants an opportunity to rate themselves on all the behaviors and other conditions of employment.

It serves four purposes:
1st, it acts as a communication tool to the applicant by giving them a comprehensive overview of the behaviors they will need to bring to the job to be successful. 2nd, it allows applicants to select any unwilling responses that flag possible problems and, 3rd, it provides a highly useful and detailed profile of the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant. This profile can be used for more effective training, placement, and further development of existing employees. Finally, this section serves as an understanding between the employer and employee of what is expected in the job.

Section two is the Self-Rating Checklist. This section pairs high-performance behaviors with low-performance behaviors that have been controlled for social desirability. This control for social desirability prevents the applicant from simply choosing the one item which sounds the best.

The assessment accurately identifies applicants who describe themselves in high-performance terms which makes this section a very powerful part of the assessment. The correct answer to each of the pairs is, in fact, the Job Success Profile of high-performance employees. This section measures each applicant to see how closely they come to matching the success profile of known, superior performers.

This section is designed to look for applicants who, by their responses, demonstrate the same competencies as the known outstanding performers.

It asks applicants to choose a response to actual on-the-job scenarios that illustrate high-performance behaviors.

A Job-specific, Detailed
Measure of Performance

Job Description

A Call Center Customer Service Representative is a frontline professional responsible for providing exceptional customer service and support to callers in a call center environment. The representative handles inquiries, resolves issues, and provides information about products, services, or company policies, ensuring customer satisfaction and a positive experience with the organization.

Designed with top producing SMEs

SelectRight assessments are developed using subject matter experts. We assess potential subject-matter experts based on their skill/knowledge, ability & performance, and reputation & management consensus. Before being published, each test is rigorously peer-reviewed, then calibrated using hundreds of test takers with relevant experience in the subject. Our feedback mechanisms and unique algorithms allow for continued reliable and accurate test performance.