Monitoring & Validity

Our SelectRight™ Hiring Solution was designed to quickly scale to your needs and accommodate the complexities of the largest companies.

Time Tested

For more than two decades, Scheig Solutions has been working with companies worldwide to identify and engage with the high-performance behaviors of top-performing employees.

Regulatory Compliance

All tools developed by Scheig Solutions meet all federal EEOC, ADA, and OFCCP hiring guidelines.

Unique Approach

Scheig Solution's unique methodology measures actual, on-the-job behaviors that superior performers tell us account for variances in performance outcomes.


Scheig Solution offers full indemnification against any law judgment that the SelectRight™ assessment produces an adverse impact.

SelectRight™ Assessments are
Routinely Monitored for Validity

SelectRight™ assesses candidates across various job-related performance criteria to help you get a more complete profile of job candidates, fairly and without bias.

We extensively validate our assessments, both in the process of developing them and on an ongoing basis. We adhere to relevant government and professional guidelines (e.g., EEOC, OFCCP) and take a multilayered approach that optimizes the prediction of job performance, while mitigating any adverse impact on protected classes.

As part of our monitoring process, we look to maintain the reliability of our assessments, as well as content and criterion-related validity. 

General Guidelines for Interpreting Validity Coefficients

Scheig Solutions criterion studies all consist of testing employees and collecting their performance/data evaluations. This type of criterion validity is called concurrent criterion validity. The following points are essential regarding criterion validity studies:

Criterion validity is demonstrated by showing a significant statistical relationship between the assessment scores and performance evaluations/data. The Uniform Guidelines require a significance (p) of .05 for validity.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the validity coefficient, the more beneficial it is to use the test. Table 2 serves as a general guideline for interpreting test validity for a single test.

Table 1

Serves as a general guideline for interpreting test validity for a single test.
Validity Coefficient Value Interpretation
Above .35 Very beneficial
.21 - .35 Likely to be useful
.11 - .20 Depends on circumstances
Below .11 Unlikely to be useful

Table 2

Shows the Validity Coefficient for SelectRight™ assessments.
Validity Coefficient (r) Significance (p) N Studies
.59 < .01 1865 36

Success is Here

Additional reasons why businesses
choose Scheig Solutions

No More Bad Hires

Much time and money can be wasted on making the wrong hire. Scheig's proprietary methodology focuses solely on behaviors and job performance abilities, ensuring top-quality hires. When you hire based on job behaviors, employees feel successful from day one - resulting in improved business outcomes.

Unique Approach

Scheig's assessments have a unique methodology and proven track record of more than 30+ years. Collectively, our senior-level team has over 100 years of education and experience. Our people are Ph.D. and graduate-level social scientists, business and management consultants, software designers, and service professionals.

Fast + Accurate

Our assessments measure how closely the applicant comes to matching the “success profile” of known existing superior performers. Because our assessments are job-specific and performance-based, their predictability is exceptionally high. In fact, they have an 88-92% accuracy rate to help you identify and select top performers objectively.

Save Time & Money

Labor costs are often the largest controllable expense for most companies. Scheig’s assessments are efficient and allow you to quickly identify who will perform well in the job and who will not. This increases your workforce's overall productivity and reduces employee turnover and absenteeism.

Our Tests Don’t Discriminate

Scheig's assessments and evaluations are non-discriminatory and meet all federal EEOC, ADA, and OFCCP hiring guidelines. We offer full indemnification against any EEOC law judgment that our assessments produce an unlawful adverse impact against members of protected classes.

Cannot Be Manipulated

Our customized assessments are designed to identify job-specific high-performance behaviors and cannot be manipulated. The assessment questions are framed in such a way that candidates cannot differentiate between what would be “the right” answer. This “self-evaluation” improves the validity of the hiring decision.

Retain Top Talent

It’s unfair to evaluate employees on issues outside of their control. Our performance evaluation is designed to measure specific job behaviors critical to job performance, facilitate communication between the manager and staff, correct inappropriate behavior, and give the employee feedback on his/her strengths.

We Show Up

Our assessments are created through an in-person, in-depth job analysis of top-performing talent. We identify the high-performing behaviors used to screen future candidates. How the best people do the job now becomes the standard against which all applicants are measured.

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