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To measure right is to SelectRight™.

Quick and Easy Identification of an Applicant’s Score

The Applicant Score Report is easy to read & understand. You’ll quickly see which candidates should continue in your selection process.

We’re not giving you three pages of some psychological output because we don’t measure the person in the abstract. Instead, we measure the person for the job. Whether they do the specific job behaviors that superior performers tell us makes differences in productivity outcomes on the job. 

SelectRight™ assessments rank your applicants’ behavioral performance clearly and simply so you can keep on with the essential matters.

With 92% accuracy, SelectRight™ answers the bottom-line question that matters most. Is this applicant capable of successfully performing in this job? Yes or no?

Listing any Job Behaviors they are Unwilling to Perform

Our Applicant Score Report lists any behaviors applicants indicate they would be unwilling to perform.

Many applicants have yet to learn about the full range of behaviors expected of them should they be hired.

Our assessment allows the applicant to rate themselves on all the behaviors and other conditions of employment.

Identify Areas of Special Need or Training

The Applicant Score Report also lists any job behaviors answered by the applicant as having little or no training or experience.

Because these factors will have supervision, training, or crewing up implications, the hiring authority can assess these needs before a hiring commitment.

Save Time and Money
from Day One

Have you considered the time and resources your company wastes on mis-hires?

We can help you cut the number of unnecessary interviews by 50-70% so that you can spend your valuable time only on those with the highest probability of successfully doing the job.

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A time-consuming screening process costs you a lot. Re-work, turnover, low productivity, and workplace injuries can cost you much more. Avoid these impediments to success and experience an enormous return on investment year after year.

Performance begins with selection. Start improving your performance today with SelectRight™.