92% Accurate in Predicting
Real-world Job Performance
Before you Hire

Assess candidates against the Job Success Profile™ of known, top-performing employees using a reliable measure of the 30% technical and 70% Human Factor behaviors.

Confidently engage in a data-driven approach that allows you to determine which candidate will be a good fit for the job. 

Personality Does Not Determine Performance

Productivity is in the detail: the actual job behaviors, not the trait or construct.

The use of psychological/personality tests will yield a correlation in general terms. However, their great weakness is, that they are measuring psychological traits or constructs. They measure the person in the abstract. Then, someone must attempt a logical leap from the abstract to the actual job requirements.

The question we ask is, why measure the person in the abstract? Why not measure the person for the job? Why not look at the actual job behaviors -all of them, not just the technical- which account for variances in productivity outcomes?

Our primary focus is on data other than what kind of personality a person is. We want to know if they do the specific job behaviors that superior performers tell us cause differences in productivity outcomes on the job.

We take their model and turn it right-side up.

If It's Not About Actual
On-the-job Behaviors,
It's Not Truly About Behaviors

SelectRight™ assesses candidates across various job-related performance criteria to help you get a more complete profile of job candidates before making costly hiring decisions.

It’s important to remember that we measure the whole job, not just the 30% or less, which is technical. We also measure the human factor behaviors comprising up to 70% of the job which also has a significant impact on performance.

All our assessments are based on a thorough job analysis with people who do the job and are considered superior performers.

The high-performance behaviors we extract through the job analysis are statistically analyzed to identify those behaviors that have the most impact on performance, and this analysis also produces a very accurate Job Success Profile™.

We’ve built our assessments around the way the best employees do the job, and the way they do it now becomes the standard against which all other applicants are measured.

Complex Science Made
Reliably Simple &

We distill powerful science into simple score reports that you don’t need a Ph.D. to interpret. Learn more about your candidates and make more informed people decisions with a solid scientific foundation.

Each pre-configured test assesses candidates across a wide variety of job-related performance criteria to help you get a more complete profile of job candidates before making costly hiring decisions.
More than 1,200 companies trust Scheig Solutions to help them identify high-performing future employees in areas such as:

Customer service
Work habits
Personal characteristics
Difficult situations
Following Directions
Time Management
Conflict Resolution
…and much more

Pre-Configured Job-specific Behavioral Assessments

For many employers, one of the most challenging aspects of implementing a testing program is finding a test or series of tests that meet their company’s precise needs.

Until now, the alternative for those seeking a custom assessment solution has been an expensive project with a test developer or publisher to create custom tests from scratch.

Unlike other assessments, which use one-size-fits-all instruments to measure the knowledge and skills required for a diverse set of jobs, Scheig’s highly portable tests allow you to implement a cost-effective tailored assessment.

Consistent with EEOC and federal testing guidelines
Alignment of behavior and aptitudes with job role
Concise reporting that determines interview relevance
Robust sampling of high-performance job behaviors
Built-in candidate scale and question order randomization to help ensure truthful responses
Job-specific behaviorally-based performance measures are highly portable

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