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Backed by more than three decades of research & development, our development team provides Job-specific, behaviorally-based talent selection and people development solutions to companies worldwide.

Our stringent scientific standards are backed by I/O psychology and social science experts, allowing us to consistently deliver results for leading organizations worldwide.

Scheig's Methodology is Designed Specifically to Unveil Key High-performance Job Behaviors Essential to Success

Each pre-configured test assesses candidates across various job-related performance criteria to help you get a more complete profile of job candidates before making costly hiring decisions.

For many employers, one of the most challenging aspects of implementing a testing program is finding a test or series of tests that meet their company’s precise needs. Until now, the alternative for those seeking a custom assessment solution has been an expensive project with a test developer or publisher to create custom tests from scratch.

Unlike other assessments, many of which use one-size-fits-all instruments to measure the knowledge and skills required for a diverse set of jobs, our highly portable tests allow you to implement an extremely cost-effective tailored assessment.

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Consistent with EEOC and federal testing guidelines
Alignment of behavior and aptitudes with job role
Concise reporting that determines interview relevance
Robust sampling of high-performance job behaviors
Built-in candidate scale and question order randomization to help ensure truthful responses
Job-specific behaviorally-based performance measures are highly portable

Job Analysis

A Job Analysis from Scheig Solutions helps you understand the context of a role, ensuring accurate job descriptions and a more refined candidate pool.

A Job Analysis is analyzing the behavioral qualities, traits, and hard skills required to succeed within the role and in your organization.

By conducting a Job Analysis, you can clearly understand what makes employees successful.

This process allows us to determine which behaviors have the highest performance values and the maximum likelihood of identifying applicants who will be outstanding performers on the job.

Essentially, applicants are assessed against job behaviors that superior performers tell us that account for variances in performance outcomes: how the top performers do a particular job now becomes the standard against which all others are measured.

How a Job Analysis
Optimizes your Workplace

It’s all about full-chain benefits stemming from streamlining & optimization.

Performing a job analysis is a great way to gather the information that will help you optimize performance on both the employee and administrative sides.

After receiving the relevant data from your job analysis and implementing it within your hiring process, you can have absolute confidence that the hard skills and soft skills you’re evaluating in candidates are the ones that have the most direct impact on success in the job.

The job analysis also provides data to create high-performance training materials for better workforce development. This dramatically reduces training costs while improving the ROI on every dollar spent.

Backed By Science

Our team of I/O psychologists uses proven, proprietary research methodology based on decades of research to identify those qualities that are predictive of successfully performing the job.

Highly Actionable

Insights from a Job Analysis can be used in multiple ways, from building a job description reflective of the actual needs of the role to selecting candidates likely to be successful and bringing positive improvements to administrative workloads.


Unveiling the qualities predictive of success in a role can help hire top talent and provide greater control over workforce planning and development goals—insightful data with a wide range of organizational benefits.

How the Process Works

A sound job analysis requires a thorough review of the work and a deep understanding of the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other relevant characteristics (KSAOs) required to perform the work at an acceptable level.

Scheig Solutions will pursue strategies to understand the roles to be analyzed thoroughly. These may include documentation review, on-site observations, SME interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups.

Scheig will then deliver your assessment solution incorporating the critical behavioral elements of the role and the key KSAOs associated with successful performance.

Science Made Accessible

We boil down powerful science into simple score reports that don’t require a Ph.D. to interpret. Learn whether your candidates have the high-performance job behaviors necessary for success and make more informed people decisions with a solid scientific foundation.

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