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Personality does not determine performance.

At Scheig, we don’t think that personality is the determinant factor in job success. Our unique approach to talent selection and development is not psychological in nature. Instead of testing for personality types or psychological traits, our job-specific, pre-employment assessments enable clients to accurately identify applicants with the same high-performance job behaviors as known superior performers.

Focusing on candidate behavioral job-fit, our assessment- based solutions help our clients identify, select, and develop the right talent, resulting in improved business outcomes. It’s never been easier to experience greater control over your applicant selection and hiring process, and gain substantial increases in overall workforce performance and productivity.

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Why Scheig?

What Clients Say


“Now we have an establishing hiring protocol, giving us a way to gauge applicants against our top performers. There’s no other way to do that other than through the Scheig assessment. It’s allowing us to get that measure that we’d never have been able to get otherwise.”

— Justine Staub
Director of Workforce Development


“The Scheig Assessments have worked very well for us. The process has helped is to better screen applicants during the hiring process, which has led to a dramatic increase in retention, significantly decreasing turnover at the same time. That has led to a cost savings to our company which was not available before using the program.”

— Bill Sanzone


We estimate that the use of the Scheig system has saved our company a half a million dollars.  We have been using the system for about ten years.  In desperate times, we’ve tried hiring below the recommended ‘cut point’ and it’s been a disaster.  By using this system, we have reduced turnover and thereby maximized our training dollars.  I could go on, but $500,000 pretty much speaks for itself.”

— Owner, Motor Coach Industry

Our SelectRight Hiring Assessments identify the right candidates before the interview process.

How We Measure Job-Fit

The difference between low performers and high performers lies in their behavioral approach to the job, not their personalities. We measure performance fit through assessments customized to specific job roles. These assessments scores are standardized into a T distribution for easy to understand results. (see bell curve below).

Our SelectRightTM Hiring solution does not identify whether or not someone is an introvert or an extrovert, but is assessing whether or not they are behaviorally a good fit for the job and are interested and willing to perform specific job duties. This allows you to easily identify future candidates who will perform well in that specific job.

Not Recommended

Those who score less than T=50 are not recommended. Although, with smaller application pools you may need to hire in the high T=40s and evaluate for opportunities to develop them.

Optimal Hire

Candidates who score T=50 or higher are considered an optimal fit for the specified position. They mirror or can be easily developed to mirror your top performers in the specified job.

Standardizing applicant scores into a T distribution allows you to compare every applicant with every other applicant on the same scale, which makes score interpretation easy and straightforward.

The T score is a measurement of how closely the applicant comes to matching the “success” profile of high performing employees. Approximately 68% of all applicants will fall within one standard deviation of the mean (T=50), somewhere between T=40 and T=60. The higher the T score, the more they mirror the right behaviors for the job. We recommend choosing candidates who score T=50 or above to ensure optimal hires.

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