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SelectRight™ pre-employment assessments identify the best-of-the-best candidates and make your selection & hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free.

When it’s time to hire, more than 1,200 companies put their trust in Scheig Solutions.

Accurate Predictor of Job Success

92% accurate in predicting actual real-world job performance before you hire.

Assess candidates against the Job Success Profile™ of known, top-performing employees—measure for the 30% technical and 70% Human Factor behaviors.

Our data-driven, no-nonsense approach allows you to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for your open position.

Streamline & Improve Your Process Mood

Streamline & Improve Your
Process Mood

Instantly know the performance level of your applicants.

With SelectRight™ technology, your candidates’ behavioral job fit lists in rank order for easy and quick approval or decline.

Our screening process lets you focus on the best people for the job.

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

Diversity can be a source of tremendous creativity.

With SelectRight™, you give every candidate unbiased, equal opportunity. This allows you to identify and select diverse talent to help your company flourish and prosper.

Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

Candidates appreciate a relevant application experience.

On request, our well-designed, job-specific assessments can reflect your brand.

Your candidates will receive the right amount of engagement and motivation they need to shine.

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Flourish Within a Data-driven HR Culture

We rank your applicants according to test scores certified by our experts. This means your HR team can rely on good data to make important decisions, not just their gut feeling.

With Scheig Solutions, you’ll lead the shift to a more professional and data-focused HR culture in your company.

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Top Talent is Priceless.
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A time-consuming screening process costs you a lot. Re-work, turnover, low productivity, and workplace injuries can cost you much more. Avoid these impediments to success and experience an enormous return on investment year after year.

Performance begins with selection. Start improving your performance today with SelectRight™.