AdvanceRight™ Development Solution

Scheig’s AdvanceRight™ Development Solution is the Performance Evaluation and Training Modules that identify behavioral gaps and areas for growth.

It comprises the top performance behaviors for the job in question. It is used for new and existing employees in the same job category to improve performance and identify training needs.

Set Your Employees Up for Success

As part of the onboarding process, the AdvanceRight™ Performance Evaluation is designed to evaluate the performance of new employees and assess any possible needs for further training and development.

Using the specified behavioral criteria of employees who are already doing the job successfully as the standard for evaluation, the employer ensures that all the employees doing that job are moving in the same direction toward the same level of excellence and constant improvement.

Focused on Job-specific

Scheig’s behavioral performance evaluations look at the specific job behaviors with the highest performance values and have the greatest impact on performance outcomes. These behaviors are critical and should be expected of any employee when they reach their full potential.

The assessment acts as a complete communication tool between the manager and the employee and identifies the employee’s strengths and those behaviors that need the most work.

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Beneficial Data for
Individual or Position-Wide

The data for the Performance Evaluation/Training Needs Assessment may be used to produce reports on a position-wide basis to evaluate changes in performance over time and can identify specific training needs information about individual employees and for the position in general.

A Meaningful Communication of Job
Performance That
Employees Appreciate

The AdvanceRight™ Performance Evaluations help you to lead and motivate with precision and to build a highly effective and positively motivated workforce.

Traditional performance reviews are time-consuming and not effective. Nearly 60% of employees think that traditional performance reviews have no impact on their personal performance, yet managers spend on average, 210 hours annually on them.

AdvanceRight™ Performance Evaluations allow managers and employees to focus on job-specific high-performance behaviors within crucial areas critical to job success. It is an excellent and relevant tool to help your employees reach their goals and realize their potential by identifying specific behaviors needing improvement and creating a development plan.

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