Employee Turnover and Its Hidden Costs

The resources wasted on trying to transform individuals into something they are not through training are substantial. The Unpredictability of Ineffective Hiring In the pursuit of organizational improvement and increased productivity, one crucial factor often remains in the shadows: the impact of ineffective hiring. Have you ever hired an individual who later turned out to […]


The primary reasons for termination typically stem from deficiencies in the 70% related to job behaviors. The Emphasis on Skills in Recruitment Recruiters typically get very excited when an applicant comes into the process with lots of experience and the skills required to do the job.  Or with less job experience but who nevertheless scored […]

When Ms. Right Turns Out All Wrong

Woman holds a mask of herself smiling as she frowns.

Avoid hiring the wrong person by using objective interview tools that can help unveil the differences between interviewing behavior vs job behavior. The application looks good. The references all check out. The background check comes back clean. There are no gaps in her work history. She seems genuinely interested in the children during a walkthrough […]