How To Hire Right The First Time

Recruiters typically get very excited when an application comes across their desk from a candidate with lots of experience and the skills required to do the job they are trying to fill. Well, of course they do – if the candidate seems like a great fit! What might not be as apparent on a resume […]

When Ms. Right Turns Out All Wrong

Woman holds a mask of herself smiling as she frowns.

The application looks good. The references all check out. The background check comes back clean. There are no gaps in her work history. She seems genuinely interested in the children during a walkthrough of the center. Your assistant director is impressed with the way she carries herself. In addition, she seems like a ‘really nice […]


Piles of stickers of different colors that say "question" and "answer' on them.

Question: How do I pronounce Scheig?That’s easy. Say the word ‘shy’ and then make the hard ‘g’ sound (ex: go) and you’ve got it! It’s the last name of the founder of the company – Richard Scheig – who researched and developed this completely unique and remarkably accurate assessment tool that is saving our clients […]

The History of Application Testing

Young woman holds paperwork while looking at the monitor of her laptop.

Companies have used “tests” in some form or another for as long as companies have been hiring. Although, the test used may or may not have had anything to do with the applicants’ ability to do the job. After World War II employment testing got taken over by the industrial psychologists and went one of […]