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Performance Begins With Selection

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Performance Begins With Selection

At the core, Scheig Solutions believes in one basic tenant, that performance begins with selection. This core tenant is the foundation behind both our SelectRight™ Hiring Solutions and our AdvanceRight™ Development Solutions. It also creates the basis on which our company has successfully grown for more than a quarter of a century.

Our People

Our people are Ph.D. and graduate-level social scientists, business and management consultants, software designers, and service professionals collaborating to serve the business needs of our clients. Together, we seek to contribute to the success of our client companies.

Our uniquely & relevant methodology is designed to accurately identify top-producing, high-performance talent. Delivered using innovative SaaS technologies. Scheig’s solutions include:

Job Specific Behaviorally based Hiring & Performance Systems™

Human Resource Consulting

Behavioral Job Analysis

Selection Process Design

Entry and Professional Level Assessments & Hiring Systems

Scheig Solutions was founded by CEO Richard F. Scheig Ph.D. and is headquartered in beautiful Gig Harbor, WA. Its from here that the experts at Scheig have been developing and marketing pre-employment systems since 1990. As a result, we have produced over 80+ job-specific pre-employment selection & hiring systems that we market globally across the U.S. & Canada, Australia, the U.K. & India.

Our Mission

At Scheig Solutions, our mission is to contribute to the success of your company by offering valuable tools that help you to hire and develop the very best possible employees. In addition to our selection and development solutions, we realize this mission by providing meticulous customer care, and deliver using skillful information technologies. Scheig Solution will always strive to reflect the highest ethical standards and forge reliable long-term relationships built on appreciation, mutual respect, and trust.


“We have found the Scheig pre-employment assessments to be deadly accurate measures of the human and technical factors that lead to high productivity in the commercial and industrial construction industries. We have administered over 7,000 tests in the last three years and believe that they are the best tools available in the United States to assess an individual’s capacity to perform at a high level in the job for which they are being hired.”

Executive Director – Construction Industry

Dr. Richard Scheig

Dr. Scheig earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and his Master’s Degree in Sociology before completing the doctoral studies program in Sociology at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Scheig taught at the university level for 14 years and left academia to start Scheig Solutions. He currently travels as a trainer, presenter, and keynote speaker on the topics of employee selection and performance.


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