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Question: How do I pronounce Scheig?
That’s easy. Say the word ‘shy’ and then make the hard ‘g’ sound (ex: go) and you’ve got it! It’s the last name of the founder of the company – Richard Scheig – who researched and developed this completely unique and remarkably accurate assessment tool that is saving our clients millions of dollars every year.

Question: How do the Scheig hiring and development systems differ from other tools on the market?
We provide the only comprehensive, behaviorally-based system that includes a job specific pre-employment assessment. Here’s what that means: our assessment (which takes between 20-30 minutes of the applicant’s time, not yours!) will identify the people from within your applicant pool who possess the specific job behaviors that match those of known top performers that do the same job.

Personality tests do not and cannot provide you with this valuable perspective, which is really the only information that matters most to you: is this person likely to do the job and do it well? And while personality tests, psychological assessments, and interviews can often be fooled, our powerful assessments cannot be faked or fooled. We are the experts at these assessment tools and they’ll help make you an expert at hiring.

Question: How much does it cost to turnover an employee?
There have been many studies on the cost of employee turnover, but most agree the range to replace an employee is somewhere between 15% and 200% of their salary. Turnover costs tend to vary by wage and role, with high-turnover, low-paying jobs (under $30,000 a year) closer to 15% of their salaries, and high level executives ($100, 000 or more) closer to 200% or more of their salaries. For example the cost to replace:

  – $10/hour retail employee could be $3,000 or more
  – $40k manager could be $8,000 or more
  – $100k CEO could be $200,000 or more
These costs can really add up quickly. Reducing turnover is one of the best ways to save your company money.

Question: How much does it cost to train a new hire?
Most statistics say that the average number of hours spent training a new employee ranges from 34 – 50 hours. The larger the company, the fewer hours spent, most likely due to organized training practices and programs, which aren’t necessarily utilized by smaller companies. When looking at training costs:

 – $10/hour retail employee could be $500 or more
 –  $40k manager could be $700 or more
 – $100k CEO could be $1,600 or more

Training is expensive and we have come to understand that the belief that anyone can be trained to do anything is just not so and is a very poor use of training dollars. It makes much more sense to start with the “right” people.

“With high performance new hires, the training time has been reduced by nearly 50% from 12 days to 6 days.” Director of Operations, Sysco Food Service

“Every person we’ve hired since implementing Scheig’s program has completed our 90-day orientation period. This has never happened before.” Director, Hermann Hospital Child Care Center

Question: Why would we need Scheig Solutions when we already have an interview process for new hires?
The courts have been clear that the typical interview is, in fact, a test – a subjective test that some people will pass and some people will not – and most companies would find it very difficult to demonstrate the validity of their interview. The Scheig interview introduces demonstrable validity into the process.

“One aspect of a Scheig assessment is that its questions and structure are such that the assessment is not racially, culturally or gender biased.” Davey Mitchell, Los Angeles Urban League

“The Scheig system eliminates some of the liability from our hiring processes as the test helps to remove any prejudice allegations.” President, Hoaglund Electric, Inc.

“We had a candidate who had complained about having been discriminated against in previous situations. We had doubts about his suitability and the Scheig assessment confirmed he was not a good candidate and it provided us with an objective evaluation that helped us avoid a discrimination charge.” Assistant Superintendent, East Valley School District

“Using the Scheig system, we have reduced our interviewing time by 75%.” VP Operations APG Electric

Question: Will Scheig Solutions increase my productivity?
Yes! High performance employees are 200% to 300% more productive than their barely acceptable counterparts. So by identifying candidates who can perform at the same levels as those high-performance employees, you can build a team that saves you time and money.

“We are taking the time to interview people who score high on the Scheig assessment, but who have previously been rejected because of their background. These people are proving to be superior performers, people who are helping our company’s profitability.” Manager of Organizational Learning, Alliant Foodservice

“Productivity on our Red Blugg project was the highest we have seen on a multimillion dollar job. We only had $1,000 of workmen’s compensation losses.” President, Kearney Electric Company

Question: Does Scheig Solutions offer any help in the interview process as well?
Yes. In addition to the time-saving assessments, we also provide the employer with specially-formulated interview questions to utilize when the candidate’s assessment score is high enough to call for an in-person interview.

Question: Is the Scheig system proven?
Absolutely yes! The Scheig system has a 30-year proven track record of success in every client industry we serve. Clients consistently report dramatic improvements in productivity and profitability while achieving dramatic reductions in turnover and the extra time & costs related to training.

Question: Is the Scheig system cost effective?
It’s more than cost effective. We are in business to make you more money. Sure, we are saving our clients’ money in turnover, training, and administrative costs, but when utilizing our expertise in helping you hire a more productive, profitable, high performing workforce, you are also increasing your profits exponentially. That is what our clients have consistently reported over the past three decades. How’s that for cost effective?

Question: Do your assessments meet federal hiring guidelines?
Yes, they do… perhaps even more than the testing methods used by others for one simple reason: our assessments focus like a laser beam on the actual job being applied for. The assessments are completely neutral when it comes to race, gender, and age. They are about helping you decisively determine whether or not the applicant has the same behavioral approach of a top performer for that particular job. In fact, Scheig Solutions offers full indemnification against legal judgment of adverse impact for proper implementation of the tools.