How To Hire The Best People The First Time

Hiring the best people whose job behaviors most closely match those of the known, job success profile will consistently yield top-performing, long-lasting employees content in their careers. Recruiters typically get very excited when an application comes across their desk from a candidate with lots of experience and the skills required to do the job. Well, […]

When Ms. Right Turns Out All Wrong

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Avoid hiring the wrong person by using objective interview tools that can help unveil the differences between interviewing behavior vs job behavior. The application looks good. The references all check out. The background check comes back clean. There are no gaps in her work history. She seems genuinely interested in the children during a walkthrough […]


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FAQs – Scheig Solutions | Talent Selection & Development Solutions Below are a few FAQs…  Question: How do I pronounce Scheig? That’s easy. Say the word ‘shy’ and then make the hard ‘g’ sound (ex: go) and you’ve got it! It’s the last name of the founder of the company – Richard Scheig – who […]

In Search of High-Performance Job Behaviors

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Candidate “Testing” In All Its Forms Has Always Ever Really Been About Job Behaviors In their search for high-performance job behaviors, companies have used “tests” in some form or another for as long as companies have been hiring.  Although the tests used may or may not have had anything to do with the applicant’s ability […]